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3 Benefits Of Switching To A Cloud-Based Data Center

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Data is an important aspect for many companies. For years, a lot of companies managed and maintained dedicated data centers full of computers and servers. However, technology is continually advancing, and more and more IT departments are now recognizing the benefits of a cloud-based data center. Some of the biggest benefits of choosing a cloud-based data center over a physical data center managed by the company include:


Running a standalone data center can be quite expensive. Some of the expenses that a company incurs with a physical data center include hardware, power costs, cooling costs, bandwidth and networking expenditures, physical security of the premises, and the costs of ongoing maintenance. In comparison, using a cloud-based data center is much less expensive since a company does not have to take on the responsibility of maintaining or paying for a physical data center. Using a cloud-based data center can potentially be substantially less expensive than a physical data center as a result. 

Investing in Software

Updating software in a physical data center can be both time consuming and costly. Depending on the kind of data being stored and the needs of a company, software may need to be updated on a regular basis. When a company switches to a cloud-based data center, they will not have to worry about maintaining the software for the cloud.


A big benefit of saying goodbye to a physical data center and contracting with a cloud-based data center company is staffing. With a physical data center, a company has to keep a number of IT experts on staff to manage the data center and troubleshoot any issues. Ongoing training must be provided at technology changes. Using a cloud-based data center means that a company no longer has to use their own staff to keep the data center up and running.

Proper Planning

Planning and designing a physical data center for a company can be a complicated and difficult task. Redundant power sources must be put into place to prevent the servers from going down in the event of a power outage. Deciding how many servers are needed can also be very difficult to determine—too many servers, and money is wasted, but if there are not enough servers, a data center won't operate properly. Transferring over to a cloud-based data center eliminates the need to plan a physical data center that will meet all of the needs of a company.